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Ronald L. Violi


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Ron Violi has the combined experience of a self-made, retail entrepreneur with decision-making at the highest levels of the corporate health care industry. His unique background makes him extraordinarily suited to guide business leaders who face issues relative to launching a new business, as well as growing and solving inefficiencies in established and mature businesses.

Mr. Violi is a native of Sharpsburg, PA. He and his wife Patti live in Pittsburgh. They have three children and five grandchildren — all residing in Pittsburgh.

In 1975, Ron had a vision to implement specialty appliance stores to compete with the then dominant player — the department store. Dedicated execution of that strategy resulted in him co-founding The Appliance Store, which he grew from a start-up store into a retail chain of 58 stores operating in three states. As CEO, Ron lead his co-founder in the development of marketing strategies, implementation of growth through both management and acquisitions, and the ultimate exit strategy of how and when to divest the business.

Health Care Expertise
As a long-time advocate for children, Ron was elected to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees in 1987. Following years of involvement and demonstration of innovative philanthropic support and leadership, Ron was appointed president and CEO in 1998 to lead the Hospital in times of economic and strategic challenges. Under his leadership, Children’s became a successfully operated business, yet maintained as its priority the Hospital’s mission to improve the health and well-being of all children through excellence in patient care, teaching and research. Ron served as president and CEO for eight years and also as CEO and chairman of the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation Board of Trustees. During his leadership, the Hospital faced such challenging issues as transition into managed care, consolidation of employees/business units, financial planning, and the implementation of the first paperless electronic medical records system in the country. During his leadership, fundraising through governmental relations and foundation fundraising efforts increased by $20 million.

Since January 2006, Mr. Violi, through R & V Associates, has been involved in the turnaround and management of Wheeling Hospital in Wheeling, WV and currently serves as its chief executive officer.


In January 2001, to acknowledge his tireless efforts and the financial turnaround he orchestrated for Children’s, the Children’s Board of Trustees honored Mr. Violi and his wife, Patti, with an endowed chair — The Ronald L. and Patricia M. Violi Endowed Chair in Child Development to help children with developmental disorders. He was also honored as Western Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Man of the Year in 2002 for his commitment to the welfare of families affected by juvenile diabetes.


Ron is active on the boards of several local non-profit organizations, including the Civic Light Opera, the Pittsburgh Italian Scholarship Fund and the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland, Ohio. Ron is an advisor to the President of Point Park College in Pittsburgh, PA. He is a U.S. Navy veteran, who served five years for his Country.